Quick Answer: What Is An Example Of Anathema?

Is anathema an adjective?

Q: Dictionaries list “anathema” as a noun, yet they often give sample sentences in which it’s used as an adjective.

The Oxford English Dictionary describes “anathema” as a noun and a “quasi-adj.” that English adopted in the 16th century from ecclesiastical Latin and Greek..

How would you use idiosyncrasy in a sentence?

Examples of idiosyncrasy in a Sentence Her habit of using “like” in every sentence was just one of her idiosyncrasies. The current system has a few idiosyncracies.

How do you use anathema in a sentence?

Secular state education and the “conscience clause” were anathema to him. What he calls heresy, under the sanction of excommunication or that more formal excommunication known as anathema, is heresy. The amount of money spent at general elections seems a complete anathema to most people.

How do you use ignominy in a sentence?

He feared the ignominy of being exposed as a spy. The Workers’ Coalition experienced the ignominy of total defeat in the last election. The 1954 campaign ended in ignominy. The Brockton and Rhode Island experiments ended in ignominy. The final ignominy was a third place in Delaware.More items…•

What does Shiloh mean?

Meaning. “Peace” Region of origin. Ancient Israel. Shiloh is a Biblical place, mentioned in Genesis 49:10.

What is the opposite of anathema?

Antonyms: benediction, benison, blessing. Synonyms: adjuration, affidavit, ban, blaspheming, blasphemy, curse, cursing, denunciation, execration, imprecation, malediction, oath, profane swearing, profanity, reprobation, swearing, sworn statement, vow.

Do you say an anathema?

When you use “anathema” to denote a curse or denunciation, place an “an” before it (“the witch hurled an anathema at Hansel”). But when you use it to mean something you detest, drop the “an” (“the witch’s cannibalism was anathema to Hansel, especially when he spotted her menu”).

What does the word Maranatha mean in English?

Maranatha (Aramaic: מרנאתא‎; Koinē Greek: Μαρανα θα, romanized: marana-tha, lit. ‘come, our lord! ‘; Latin: Maran-Atha) is an Aramaic phrase. It occurs once in the New Testament (1 Corinthians 16:22).

What does name Selah mean?

Selah (/ˈsiːlə(h)/; סֶלָה, also transliterated as selāh) is a word used 74 times in the Hebrew Bible—seventy-one times in the Psalms and three times in the Book of Habakkuk. … Alternatively, selah may mean “forever,” as it does in some places in the liturgy (notably the second to last blessing of the Amidah).

What’s an anathema?

anathema \uh-NATH-uh-muh\ noun. 1 a : one that is cursed by ecclesiastical authority. b : someone or something intensely disliked or loathed — usually used as a predicate nominative. 2 a : a ban or curse solemnly pronounced by ecclesiastical authority and accompanied by excommunication.

What is anathema in the Bible?

Anathema, in common usage, is something or someone that is detested or shunned. In its other main usage, it is a formal excommunication. … In the Old Testament, anathema was a creature or object set apart for sacrificial offering and thus removed from ordinary use and destined instead for destruction.

How do you use castigate in a sentence?

Castigate in a Sentence 🔉My mother was a cruel woman who never missed an opportunity to castigate my father. … When the police chief discovers his officers let the criminal escape, he is sure to castigate them. … If you want better results, you should praise your children and not castigate them.More items…

What part of speech is anathema?

anathemapart of speech:noundefinition 1:something or someone despised or cursed. She is an animal rights activist, and experimenting on animals is anathema to her. synonyms: abomination, untouchable similar words: antipathy, bête noire, outcast4 more rows

What is another word for ignominy?

Some common synonyms of ignominy are disgrace, dishonor, disrepute, and infamy. While all these words mean “the state or condition of suffering loss of esteem and of enduring reproach,” ignominy stresses humiliation.

What does ignominiously mean in English?

ignominious • \ig-nuh-MIN-ee-us\ • adjective. 1 : marked with or characterized by disgrace or shame : dishonorable 2 : deserving of shame or infamy : despicable 3 : humiliating, degrading.