What Is The B Report?

What is an A summary B Summary and C summary criminal case?

“If it is “A” summary, it means that evidence was not sufficient but offence was there.

On the other hand, ‘B summary’ and ‘C summary’ reports mean that investigation is complete and that no offence is made out against the accused.

“When Magistrate accepts ‘A’ Summary, it means that there is an offence..

Can FIR be closed by police?

Answer: On completion of the investigation in an FIR, police is required to submit a report to the Magistrate under Section 173 of the Criminal Procedure Code (Cr. P.C.). … Therefore, if the police has closed the investigation in your FIR, they would be filing a closure report before the Magistrate.

What is a final police report?

Simply stated, final report culminates the investigation process in a formal recommendation for action. The report under Section 173 is a report on the results of the investigation made under Chapter XIV, which means an investigation made under Section 155 (2) or Section 156.

Can FIR be filed without evidence?

Non-cognizable Offence A non-cognizable offence is an offence in which a police officer has no authority to arrest without warrant. The police cannot investigate such an offence without the court’s permission. The police may not investigate a complaint even if you file a FIR, when: … if the police do not give it to you.

What is summary trial in CrPC?

Summary trial is the name given to trials where cases are disposed of speedily and the procedure are simplified and the recording of such trials are done summarily. In a summary trial only, small offences are tried and complicated cases are reserved for summons or warrant trials.

What is C report?

C Summary report is issued by the Police in such a matter. When the criminal case was filed due to mistake of facts or the offence complained about is of a civil nature.

Who can file protest petition?

Protest Petition is an opportunity granted to the victim to raise objections against the conclusions of the investigation made by the police, commonly it is filed when police presented the final report under section 173 of Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 wherein the police concludes the allegation are not made out …

What is a summary?

A summary is a record in a reader’s own words that gives the main points of a piece of writing such as a newspaper article, the chapter of a book, or even a whole book. It is also possible to summarize something that you have heard, such as a lecture, or something that you have seen and heard, such as a movie.

What is B summary report?

A ‘B-Summary’ report is filed when police do not find any evidence against the accused to file a charge sheet and seek trial. … “The court has granted us time to file an affidavit or petition opposing the ‘B Summary’ report of the police. The hearing in the case is now kept on September 7,” Satpute said.

What happens when chargesheet is not submitted?

Accused person need not complete 90 days of his detention in Judicial Custody for getting the chargesheet submitted. … (3) If chargesheet is not submitted within 90 days, the accused will have right to be released on bail, even if he was previously released for any reason.

What happens after chargesheet is filed by police?

Once the chargesheet is filed, the accused will remain in custody and the police authorities will not have to seek extension of his remand. However, the accused can seek bail once the chargesheet is filed. … In case any of the accused are on bail, then a summons is issued.

What are police reports used for?

Police reports serve as the starting point of a law enforcement investigation, but they also provide crime victims with a legal document to use as evidence for court hearings and insurance claims.

How do you challenge B report?

Challenge in this petition is to the action of the learned Magistrate, rejecting the B report filed by the police, upon a protest petition filed …, rejecting the B report and taking cognizance of the offences and issue of process can be assailed in a revision petition under Section 397 Cr.

Can FIR be quashed before chargesheet?

The Supreme Court held that while exercising the power under section 482 of the CRPC, the court can quash the FIR even if the charge sheet has been filed, as the power under section 482 is to be exercised to prevent the abuse of process and miscarriage of justice.

What is a final case?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Final case is used for marking final cause (“for a house”). Semitic languages had that case, but all of them lost it.

Who files the charge sheet?

On the basis of the investigation, the police are required to form an opinion. If the police think that the evidence points to the guilty of the accused person, then they file a chargesheet in the court. It is not the job of a police to decide whether a person is guilty or innocent, that is for the judge to decide.

How do I know if my chargesheet is filed?

When the chargesheet is filed in the court the police will intimate you regarding the same. If they do not you can ask the concerned IO whether he has filed the chargesheet in the concerned matter or not. The mandatory period for filling a chargesheet is 60-90 days but can be extended.

What do you mean by summary trial?

Summary Trials are the trials which are speedily disposed and with the simplified procedure of recording the trials. … A summary trial implies that the case is tried and disposed at once. Such a trial is not available to cases which are complicated and require a lengthy process of inquiry.